Life Through a Lens
My name is Erica Renee.
I am a 23 year old college student trying to get out of school as fast as I can.
I attend California State University, Long Beach.

I love cats. You will find a lot of cat photos here. Many of my own, and others that I like.

I love dogs. I will sometimes post some of my personal photos of my Labrador retriever/pit bull mix named Sammie, and also of my pit bull Tank.

I am obsessed with photography, and teaching myself how to get better. I will post some of my work along the way.

I am an avid Harry Potter fanatic, also, pretty much anything Hayao Miyazaki related, especially, My Neighbor Totoro, or Spirited Away.

My blog consists of pictures and posts that I find beautiful, funny or relevant to my life, or current mood. I tend to post a lot of Instagram pictures, which are generally marked personal, or watermarked with my photography isignia.







‘Why would you want tattoos and crap they’re gonna look gross when you’re older’

damn punk since 1950

I really don’t think you understand the amount of would right now.

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que velho bonito

Is he really that old? Sweet jesus… He’s attractive as fuck.

sweet jesus.